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Fades by Daze

Photographer • Artist • Barber • From Miami Florida

Born November 19, 1983. Photographer, artist and barber, goes by the name of Daze. The name Daze comes from back in the day growing up as a graffiti writer in the streets of Miami in the year 1996, when the song “Days of our Lives” from Bone Thugs n Harmony came out. Bone Thugs n Harmony was one of his favorite rap groups at the time, and when he coined the name Daze. He has lived up the name ever since because he is always in a DAZE with visuals. Daze still resides in his hometown on the outskirts of  Miami in the city of Hialeah. He has traveled to many places around the country but still calls Hialeah, FL. home. Hileah is his roots and and will always by home. His family best describes him as CRAZY, the WILD ONE, maybe the WEIRD ONE, words all in love for this unique artist from Hialeah.

What is daily life like for you in your hometown of Hialeah?

My day usually consists of waking up as early as possible, taking my daily vitamins to then start my day with some daily exercising in the gym or park, depending on the mood I wake up in.  I have to change it up from time to time, so I don’t get comfortable doing the same routine. After leaving gym I come home to shower, drink a protein shake or prepare a great healthy meal to start my daily grind, either cutting hair, tattooing, photography, editing, modeling or consulting. It really all depends on my appointment book and scheduling since I have so many talents and jobs.  After my days of working long hours which vary from time to time – late nights at times.  I like to get myself ready for bed by self medicating myself, like smoking a joint in order to RELAX the mind, body and soul and to wake up refreshed for the next day and continue my artistic work.

Beside your work and hustle n’ grind what other activities interest and inspire you?

Well there are so many things that interest me. For example, I love watching movies, documentaries, exploring, traveling, learning and meeting new people. Expanding my mind, absorbing knowledge and collecting new information of all sorts through other people physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and or via social media wise. To keep myself always on edge and updated. I can say all those factors have been a great inspiration in all my work. I also feel that by all these things it has molded me to be a very wide ranged, open minded individual in order to connect with LIFE. As of right now my main motivation and purpose is FAMILY and helping to support my mother MAMA DAZE in her tough times, after all she is the reason I am here. MAMA DAZE is who brought me into this world and I will not leave her side or abandon her when she needs me the most.  This is why I am always constantly working with all my gifted talents in order to provide for my family and myself.  I will continue doing so and spreading knowledge and love, while at the same time creating breath taking art whether it be with my visuals, photography, modeling, tattoos or even haircuts.

Above Photography by @ybvisuals of Model Fades by Daze

Throughout your career what are three major events that have impacted you most?

There are so many things that have impacted me in my life that its hard to describe them all but a few that i can elaborate on.

When I was growing up in middle school I wasn’t really the cool, popular kid in school nor the sight for sore eyes kind of guy for the ladies, instead I was more like the chubby quiet kid that hung out with the popular crowd on the sidelines awaiting to get picked by the cool team I guess is how I can best describe it. It wasn’t like I got picked on if that’s what you’re thinking. I hung out with the cool kids, I just wasn’t THE COOL KID. So basically to sum it all up my self esteem and insecurities had the best of me, that was at least not till I hit high school. High school was where I started to transition in losing weight and started basically focusing on my looks. Also, I met a whole variety of wide range artists and many graffiti street artists, which later led to my vandalizing success and few arrests, that destroyed my mother’s heart.

A few years after, I say somewhere around the age of 21-23 I went through a very bad break up that caused me much pain, but like all strong individuals I pulled through and learned from this experience.  I continued my life ventures, taking in this story of my love life for me to take notes and apply it on to my oncoming years to come.

Few years pass, on and off enjoying my single life from time to time cherishing every moment when then another life turning incident occurred.  My grandmother MAMA DAZE’s mama was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007 and my mom was taking care of her during her remaining time every day, day and night for several months. On November 15, 4 days before my birthday Grandma Daze passed away, leaving my mother with a huge empty whole in her heart, and not to mention our financial situation wasn’t so great either since my mother was taking care of my Grandmother.  She was not able to continue at her place of employment with so much time off and leave. Mama Daze later went into a deep depression grieving over the death of a loved one plus debt and financial issues it was all overwhelming and to much for her to handle being alone with no guidance. That is when I had to step up to the plate and start taking responsibility of caring for my FAMILY.

Above photography by @fleitasphotos of Model Fades by Daze

What quotes, personal or professional affect you most?

There are way to many to list because each one has a specific significance to a point in time in my life whether it be emotional, spiritual, or metaphorical, I basically love every motivational, inspirational quote that will expand my way of thinking and experiences in life. Basically there are truths in all sayings and quotes. But a few of my favorites that I can mention are real easy simple ones; “The truth will set you free”, “Good things come for those who wait” and one of my all time favorites that I live by is “DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.”

Photography FADES by DAZE of Model Manda Love @mandalovexrated

What got you started in photography and inspires your shooting techniques? Are you self taught?

What got me started into photography is that I was first a model due to my unique look so many photographers would use me as there muse and from there I would create concepts with different photographers and collaborate which then sparked up the curiosity of me creating my own images that then lead to me learning from a few close photographer friends of mine. From there I took creativity into my own imagination and then self taught myself with a little help from time to time of a few friends and YouTube but most of all was hands on experience that helped me develop my skills and still eager to learn and try new things.

What artists and people in your life have impacted you most and why?

I have had many influences from movies, actors, artists, music, friends, etc but the ones I can list are my homie Rey Grillo that did my first tattoo and most of my black and grey tattoo work on my skin canvas. I would also have to say my other close friend of 15 years, photographer Derick G @derick_g, that helped me in my modeling by taking my first pictures in 2005 -2006 or so and also my homies Munky and Tony @fleitasphotos & @tonez127, that impacted me and inspired me in my actual photography which then led to me wanting to experiment on my own. There are so many other dope photographers that I look up to and so many artist that catch my eye in so many different industries.

When looking back at photography and art, is there a specific piece/ photo that you took that still emotionally moves you and what feelings does that piece evoke and why?

Through out my many photo shoot encounters i have cherished them all, each one has a significant moment and marks a time in my life, like a chapter in my personal life journal, so that makes hard for me to pick a specific one. But some fun shoots i can share are the time I did my version of Medusa with model Riley ( @piercingsbyriley) I  brought at least close to 50 snakes on set not knowing that this would be her first time handling a snake in her life, but overall the shoot was so amazing and successful it blew so many heads, got featured in Dark Beauty magazine , and was an amazing hit, not to mention that she killed the shoot with her energy and that everything went smoothly for her first time handling not just one but several small snakes at once, and 3 different 13-14 ft snakes as well, was quite a remarkable jaw dropping and memorable shoot. Another shoot i can remember is when i was in Vegas shooting in Red Rock Canyons with model Shay @queencurbcheck -a greek Goddess themed look, I used some colored smoke grenades that would rise upto at least 15-20 ft in the air in a state national park, i guess alarmed park rangers or authorities that a helicopter was dispatched few minutes shortly after, good thing i had got my shots needed, packed our things and made a run for it before any consequences, lol, that was pretty crazy but yet very exciting and felt a bit of  accomplishment.

Photography by @iamdaze_ of Model @queencurbcheck

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