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Vany Vicious

Tattoo Model, Influencer and Entrepreneur • Miami Florida.

Describe a day in the life of Vany. I spend a lot of my day working. I currently run 5 websites, all are eCommerce, along with all the social media accounts for them So a big portion of my day is spent on the computer or my phone. I make time to go to the gym every day, and at night I wind down with my fur babies. I have photoshoots about once a week, and I try to film and edit videos for my youtube channel once a week as well. Honestly, its all work. lol. I need to get a life, but I also need to be a millionaire so I’m sacrificing now.

Place of birth. Current location?

I was born and raised in Miami,FL

What’s your strongest memory of your childhood?

My strongest memory is honestly just playing outside and being really into sports, I don’t think enough kids actually go outside anymore.

What is it like where you live?

Really sunny, really humid, and also pretty stormy through summer.

Where is your dream shoot, location, and theme?

I recently was able to shoot my one of my dream shoots which was amazing. Topless in the middle of a desert in California. It was extremely free-ing. Shout out to Mr.Grimez for capturing those!

How important is it for models to have an eye contagious portfolio.  (quality images).

It’s extremely important. Its your content. It’s what people see , its what photographers see, its what brands see. You should present yourself with the upmost professionalism , whether your butt is out or not. Its a job.

When you are approached by a photographer to shoot.  What are some qualities and questions you ask?

The first question I ask is “can I see your portfolio ?”

What is the importance of having a quality portfolio?  What is your advice to models starting out?

My number one piece of advice is to shoot what makes you comfortable with a decent photographer. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable or feeling uneasy around the people you are working with.

A specific quote that moves you forward?

Trust the Universe. Think Positive thoughts. What you think, you attract.

What can we see from Vany in 2020 (next couple of years).  Any upcoming events or projects?

Well , unfortunately Vany is getting old, lol. So I am honestly hoping to retire from modeling within the next 5 years. I of course will still keep up with social media and YouTube. But actually trying to live off modeling full time, I doubt it. I have a few projects in the works now. One of them being an online vintage store called ThrowBack Garage, I also have an online boutique for women’s apparel called Haute Floss, and I recently built a website dedication to spirituality and all things witchy called Sacred Mob .  On Instagram they are @throwbackgarage, @hautefloss, and @sacredmob

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