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Palm Trees and Tattoos

Sullen Summer Breeze… Makes us feel fine. Kicking off the summer in Palm Springs at this year’s 3rd Annual Palm Trees & Convention at the Hard Rock Casino. Hosted by the beautiful and charismatic Bernadette Macias. July 8,9 & 10th. 2016

Sullen Summer Breeze… Makes us feel fine. Kicking off the summer in Palm Springs at this year’s 3rd Annual Palm Trees & Convention. Hosted by the beautiful and charismatic Bernadette Macias. July 8,9 & 10th – 2016 at the Hard Rock Hotel on Indian Canyon Drive.

Palm Trees & Tattoos did not feel like a convention – it felt like a family vacation, with big brothers Sean Wood, Mark, Bob, Alan and Jeremy making sure the kids were al’ right! Where the palm trees and positive vibes made you want to stay and the poolside hangs, rejuvenated the body and soul.

Connected in Creativity

Stunning as ever – Attending artist, Megan Jean Morris alongside artists, Mark Longenecker, @pochtattoos and Russell James — delivered a palette of beauty this past weekend. Her clients post session smiles say it all as they took home tattoo of the day on Saturday.  Megan embraced her client’s concept with a design of Lady Luck “Facing the Odds” – representing the ups and downs of life.  The use of drop shadows below and behind Lady Luck as well as a vibrant red, made the portrait pop and pull you into her piercing blue eyes. Impossible to look away from a sweet seduction in a Megan scene.

Russell James Tattoo working on a full arm sleeve this past weekend at Palm Trees & Tattoos Convention. Trash Polka in one day – 9 1/2 hours. Amazing work in such a limited time. His client Gabe from Minnesota, was ecstatic with the results and told us he did not know it would turn out so well. We are all blown away!!! Amazing work Russell! You can find Russell James at: Compass Point Tattoo

The Family that creates together stays together…

The Monday drive home was tough after such an amazing weekend.  Getting to enjoy the company of so many people we love and admire for their passion, hard work and good vibes… It’s those hours in the car and on the plane ride home – that we get to reflect on conversations and moments of non stop laughter, elevator/bathroom selfies and good times…

Ericka Lancaster Young says it best “When the Love is So real you just can’t deal!!” @e_young_13

Until we meet again… and drink our coffees, share stares and nutz n’ jerky. Run around in search for Padilla to hand deliver Modelos, escape into the warm midnight air and run a mucks in Palm Springs… Until we meet again Palm Springs – Summer Breeze 2017.

One our favorite guys, Bob Tyrrell slaying it with a skull and upside down engraved cross on Sunday.


Justin Burnout, Ryan Mullins, Alan Padilla, Rich Pineda, Steve Soto, Big Belli, Russel James, Miguel Arreola, Sid Miramontes, Evan Naylor, Jeff Seeds, Sam Enriquez, Richie Montez, Huero, Big Sleeps, Fred Flores, Ricardo Avila, Monte Livingston, Camtastic, Wyatt Johnson, Ferny Picazo, Flaks, Ryan Jordan, Mario Guerrero, Wane Kan, Cody Cowan, Trent Valleau, Lucky Mac, Bob Tyrrell, Megan Jean Morris, Roman Abrego, Mark Longenecker, Alvin Chong, Poch, Goethe, Jasen Workmen, Arlo Dicristina, Jermiah Barba, Sunny Granados, Big Jasen, Wes Hogen, Mr Flako, Tony Francois, Cleo Wattenstorm, Dillion Smith, Josh Payne, Norm, Cholo, Temo Tatts, Mike Devries, James Haun, Hova, Alex Pesante, BJ Betts, Eric Gibbs and Patrick Delvar.

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