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Houston Tattoo Extravaganza

This year marked the 40th anniversary of one of the first tattoo conventions held in 1976 deep in the heart of Texas. This year the convention was held at the Crowne Plaza in Houston Texas – March 25th to 27th, 2016.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary…

Walking into the Crowne Plaza in Houston, Texas – chandeliers lit up the foyer just above the carpet of geometric designs.  Nothing like geo patterns and soft lighting to greet you as you stroll into the buzz of machines and smiling faces.  Just to the left of the entrance, our first run in was with Billy Tinney, senior editor and photographer of Tattoo Magazine and American tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle, both legacies and pioneers of the tattoo industry.

Additional artists attending were Annie Frenzel and Jonathan Penchoff. When Annie is not attending Hell City or Houston’s Tattoo Extravaganza you can find her at her private studio in San Antonio, Texas.  Jonathan Penchoff aka @earthgrasper is based in Denver, Colorado and is currently booking. Both produced amazing tattoos this past weekend and specialize in neo-traditional. Jonathon has a distinctive white outline in many of his tattoos that defines his style and adds a unique signature, resembling woodcut lines. Annie’s soft palette and blending of ink is seamless in her work and brings in clients from around the world.

Traditional meets neo-traditional 40 years later – where the sharing of ideas, techniques and stories from artists of the past and present continue to mold and shape a relic that will live through time.

Above featured image is of Amy Shandick from Precisely Veiled Tattoo in Killeen, Texas.  We had the opportunity to meet the award winning artist at the Philadelphia tattoo convention last year… and always get excited to run into the PVT crew at Texas conventions.  She will be the Tahoe Tattoo Show this year at the end of June book your session today –

This year we celebrated the Anniversary of the WORLDS 1st EVER TATTOO CONVENTION held in Houston, Texas in 1976. The Houston Texas Tattoo Extravaganza is a Tattoo Convention featuring some of the top Tattooers in the nation!

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