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What is your creative process from start to finish?  A typical day in the studio?

I first look for references, work on the composition… and once I have what I want, I start drawing on paper… just me, my music and some pencils… a typical day? I wake up and go running… it makes me feel good. Then I have breakfast and go to the Studio. There are two different kind of days: the “creative ones” in which I do researching and look for references, ideas and inspiration and the “productive ones” in which I simply draw and draw and draw…

Do you work from photo references…?  Start with a sketch? Have you always used mixed media?

Yes, I always use photos as references and I always make a sketch first. Regarding the medias, I illustrate with pencil and ink. However, the mix of technology with my ideas on paper is what brings the total piece together.

At what point did you shift into Advertising/ Commercial Art? Did that change your technique or process?

There is just one difference between my work for advertisement and my personal artistic work: the freedom of choosing what I draw. But the style it’s exactly the same.

What was it like designing for Sochi Olympics 2014?

Amazing! It’s a Project that I enjoyed a lot and I am very happy with the result.

Where do you pull inspiration from when creating your illustrations?

Create and don’t stop creating. Take risks and put your best work together to create the best portfolio you can present.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists/illustrators? Do you have any upcoming exhibitions? Projects?

I am preparing artworks for different international fairs: New york, Singapore, Seoul, Stokholm… I am involved in a few advertisement projects and I am also  working in my first book that talks about the female universe. For me it’s a very exciting project.

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