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Carola Deutsch

Austria Based Artist Focusing on Murals, Commericial, Fine Art and Tattoos. Co-owner of DeCasa Studio

Born and raised in Graz, second largest city in Austria. Although a relatively small country there is a lot of tradition in Austria and the perfect size for the two sisters and owners of DeCasa Creative Studio. Sisters, Carola and Sabrina Deutsch have created a brand and reputation for themselves in Graz, a city of many districts and a certain degree of anonymity. The sisters have expanded their horizons and opened new doors in their travels throughout Europe. Although withdrawn, sister, Carola enjoys hiking in the mountains near Croatia, Italy and the oceanside in her spare time for release and inspiration. Their style is carefree and whimsical as they fill the walls of buildings with colorful murals, packaging for commercial ad campaigns and skin canvas of collectors around the world. Together they are an unstoppable duo in their creative Casa!

What is the strongest memory from your childhood?
What activities did you both do as a child and what did you do?

Our parents strongly supported us when we were little. We were always given all the drawing items we needed and we even had a spare room only to be creative. When I think about it now, it was clear very early on that no normal job would be an option for me. At the age of 5, I painted my first acrylic painting on canvas. At the beginning I was inspired by famous artists like Monet or Picasso, but later in my youth, I developed more and more of my own imagery and compositions that now influences my current style.

Most memorable for me and my sister, with whom I have been managing our studio DECASA for almost 7 years now, was definitely the fact that already at the age of 8 or 9, we pretended to be editors. We invented magazines and created articles that needed to be approved by Sabrina.
We designed covers and I even had an ‘art section’, where I could have free hand. So for us the way to independence was already quite predestined. You could say, we were born with it!

Talk to us about your day to day schedule and activities. (In and out of the studio)

I am a morning person, so my day starts quite early. I like it when I go to the studio by bike at 6:30 and almost nobody is on the streets yet. I enjoy the early sunshine rays on me when I drive past a market to get some vegetables for dinner. I’m very passionate about cooking and me and my sister have been vegan for quite some time now. Once in the studio, I first check my emails before I go painting or have a tattoo appointment. Every day is very different, almost no days are the same.

What was your first collaboration?

My first and only collaboration was last year with Jay Freestyle in Amsterdam at his studio ‘Freedom & Flesh Tattoo’, which was quite an interesting experience for me. OH! WE LOVE JAY FREESTYLE.  WE INTERVIEWED HIM IN OUR LAST PUBLICATION of HOUSEINK.

It was very challenging for both of us, at times we tattooed side by side for almost 12 hours, and our collector had to hold out as well. We were all very tired by the end, but extremely proud when the projects were done. At this point, there are no other collaborations planned. The two projects Jay and I worked together on, were really inspiring and Jay is most definitely an impressive artist. However, I have to say that this kind of tattooing is too extreme for me.

WATCH THE FULL YOUTUBE COLLABORATION of Carola Deutsch and Jay Freestyle

Who and what are your influences?  What is your dream project?

Many artists have inspired me in different phases of my life! In the field of painting, initially it was celebrities like Andy Warhol or Frida Kahlo.
Later I was fascinated by the conceptual art and surrealism of Marcel Duchamp or Santiago Sierra, which changed my artistic approach.
One of the latest projects I’m working on is called ‘Living Art’. It describes a connection between art and tattoo. I paint a picture on canvas and bring this concept to life on skin. Sometimes as well vice versa. The goal is that tattooing is understood and perceived as something more than art.
The new dimension awakens the works into living sculptures. An incredibly exciting symbiosis between artist, wearer, skin, brush, colour, time and object, which gives the term “body art” a completely new meaning.

Absolutely love that concept ‘Living Art’! What were you doing before painting and tattooing?

Already at a very young age, I felt magically attracted to art. My path through art led me to tattooing. Not the other way around.

My sister and I both attended art school. After graduation, I soon realized that I had to invent my profession first. Tattooing was for me the most creative way to be able to live my life professionally. During the course of this, the vision of our studio DECASA developed where graphics, street art, art and tattoo go hand in hand and become one. For us, it does not matter, if we paint a wall, canvas, skin or design a product. The basic idea is to make the world a bit more colorful!

What memorable responses did you have to your work?
Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

Especially memorable are situations when I have finished a certain tattoo and the collector begins to cry with pleasure, when he/she sees the piece in the mirror. Some collectors have a very intense history and work out certain things by getting a tattoo. Since I only have a limited number of tattoo sessions available, they are already very happy to get an appointment with me.

Many ideas from my collectors inspire me and give me a new perspective. I always try to select projects that I have never done before or to challenge and develop myself.

What is the best piece of advice you give to yourself and others?

I am a practicing yogi and try not to be caught up too much in the speed of this world.  Of course that doesn’t always work out, but this philosophy gives me the power to constantly re-think my ways over and over and determine what I really want from life and what really makes me happy.

Is it really the success?
Is it when your company grows and gets bigger?
Is it a lot of money?

For me it is always the knowledge of peace of mind, to do things, to decide which projects are close to my heart. Projects where I can give 100% and even more. Things that I can decide for myself. Freedom is my power, from which I draw energy and is the best adviser for all projects that are yet to come.

Most memorable quote – and what it means to you.

“He is marked – marked by and for life.” by Robert Menasse
I have been using this quote as inspiration for many years. Almost all human images revolve around this quote. Absolutely influential for me, in a sense that every human, every action is absolutely unique.

Professionally and creatively, what are your upcoming goals over the next couple of years?

My focus is clearly on my ‘want-to-do’ tattoos and ‘Living Art’ projects and in the course of this, my paintings and new art visions. My goal for the future is to immerse even more in the creative process and to let business be business. Next year, I’m am planning to withdraw myself for 4 weeks to enjoy absolute isolation. To concentrate on my inner being and my artistic work. Translating ideas and opinions into paintings and fully give myself to my profession. I really enjoy working with people and to dive into all kind of different stories! However, sometimes my artist heart needs a reset button.

Do you have an exhibition coming up? – talk to us about the theme / concept.

This year I will have a large solo exhibition at the castle St. Martin on November 14th. I have had various group and solo exhibitions, but this one is especially important to me! The location is extremely unique, where a lot of history can be felt. Everyone is welcome and I am excited to present my latest works to the public for the first time.

The title of the exhibition is ‘Power of Colours’ and describes my development since the end of last year. So far, my paintings have been marked by its earthy tones and vintage character. Now my art has turned towards intense colours, where faces of blue, green or red are put together and thus create a complete new effect.

The different colour approach is a whole new life phase, which determines my current artistic existence.


DECASA was founded in 2012 by Carola and Sabrina Deutsch, with the desire for self-realisation and artistic freedom. As sisters, we not only share the same surname, but also the sense of individuality and aesthetics. This common view into the future shines in a wide range of colours and is not limited by conventional expectations.

Our portfolio includes elaborate product designs, large-scale street-art projects, works of art on canvas as well as expressive tattoos.

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