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OCCUPATION & LOCATION? Mom, Model and wife. I am located in Dallas, TX. HOMETOWN? My hometown is Carter, Oklahoma. FAVORITE THING ABOUT WHERE YOU LIVE? The Skyline and nightlife! DEATH ROW MEAL? Mac n’ cheese. IF YOU COULD PLACE YOURSELF IN A PAINTING OR PIECE OF ARTWORK, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? The last supper. So I could high five Jesus. TOP THREE THINGS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? Skydive. Take Marki to Price is Right. Lol and die happy. FAVORITE GENRE OF MUSIC? Rap. (Old school, when it made sense) WHO WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO MEET? John F. Kennedy.

Love your leg tattoos/ sleeve – we didn’t get much time to talk about your artwork.  Can you tell us a bit about it?

I love my leg piece.  It’s done by artist @boogstar.  He got the inspiration from a fashion show while traveling. I basically gave him artistic freedom and he ran with it.

Your most recent Tattoo was with your husband Rudy Hetzer. How do you guys like Dallas so far… three years into the mix?

We love Dallas!!  Dallas has opened up many opportunities for the both of us and we are very pleased with our tattoo studio @dallastattooandarts and how things are going so far!

We met in Philly last year… and you had mentioned you started modeling at the same time we started developing HOUSEINK. Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you wish to continue modeling or pursue something different?

Five years from now I hope to have another baby and to still be doing what I love.

What is your daily routine like from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep?

My daily routine is quite simple.  Wake up, take care of the kiddo, go see Rudy at the shop.  Make dinner, make sure everything is in order.  Answer emails, bathe Marki then get my beauty rest! Mom life <3

What were some of your child hood dreams and ideas growing up?

I’m Actually living my childhood dreams.  Successful model.  Great husband, awesome dogs and a beautiful daughter.  Have to remind myself of all the things I’m blessed with when I’m having a stressful day.

What is one of your go to famous quotes that has changed your way of thinking or enlightened you?

Fuck bitches, get money. Hahaha jk jk. Not one in particular.  Maybe “keep it simple stupid”.

Name one thing in life you are proud of and why?

My daughter.  She is beautiful and perfect and amazes me every day. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her and that’s fulfilling all in itself.

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