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Bailey Sarian

When Bailey Sarian is not in front of the camera you can find her on her you tube channel inspiring people with her make up tutorials. Bailey has not been a model for long but gives us some tips on how to “Rock what you got!”

I grew up in a small town in menifee California. I haven’t been a “model” very long, it’s actually still new to me and I don’t even like referring to myself as a model. I still have my shy moments but it is fun to play dress up, or down, and get in front of the camera. A typical day, well, I am a makeup artist, also a new youtuber. So, when not working with clients, doing special occasion makeup, I am filming, or attempting to film, a makeup tutorial for my you tube. It’s hard! My camera always does mid way thru and never lets me know! So I’ve had a lot of unfinished videos. Haha. Nobody comes out where I live to shoot, I usually travel to them!  About an hour from LA OR sandiego and that’s where I’ll meet with a photographer.

What tips would you advice women wanting to come into modelling. What struggles have you encountered in modeling. How have you handled it.

Tips to modeling? That’s hard as, again, it’s still new to me so I guess I’m the one who needs the tips. If anything, you just gotta be comfortable in your skin. Insecure? Who cares, rock what you got! Most ladies are so insecure , I don’t blame them , were constantly told we need to look a certain way, but if you can get that out of your head, and love yourself, that reads on camera. You can tell when someone is confident, and that is the most beautiful thing !

What do you think about the current fashion industry and how it relates to alternative tattooed modeling?

Its slowly being more accepted, you start to see tattoos appear more and more in billboards or magazine, as far as high fashion goes, who knows, but I don’t think it’ll ever be accepted. Unless they’re going for that “badass or criminal” look, that’s the only label tattoos have. Maybe one day that’ll be broken, but I think it’s rad you see more tattooed people in magazines or ads!

If you could place yourself in a painting, which one would you choose and why?

That’s a really hard one. Any picture of a beautiful landscape. Green, big trees, blue sky, fresh air. I know you can’t paint fresh air, but I’m imagining that.

Tattoo trends are bigger than ever. Talks us through how you go about choosing your tattoo. Can you recommend any products you used when getting them done and places you go to. What messages do they have if any?

A lot of my tattoos are random. Little things I like, or I just liked the art and wanted to collect it, on my skin instead of a wall. Products? I used to be super anal and wash my new tattoo with dial soap 3 times a day then make sure to put unscented lotion on it all the time. Now, this is going to sound bad, but I’m not anal anymore, I’m just like whatever , wash it in the shower and occasionally use this lotion by the brand “first aid beauty” they make a lotion called ultra healing repair cream and I’ve found that best for my tattoos. The tattoos

I don’t over care for seem to heal the best . Always make sure to get tattooed by a professional. I once decided to tattoo myself, with their machine,in a garage and it got infected. Don’t be dumb. Don’t go to some new kid who wants to practice on you, just pay the money, yes it’ll be expensive for a GOOD tattoo, but it’s on you forever, and you’ll end up having to pay more trying to fix or Cover the bad one. Just, be smart!

Do you see any changing trends in Sun City over the past few years within the tattoo community and ink’dustry?

Ha no. It’s an old people community, rarely a lot of tattoos around here.

In a few words, can you give a little advice to all aspiring models.

You’re going to get a million no’a and a lot of mean or rude comments, but don’t ever let it get to You. Be the best that you can be, and things will line up and work in your favor. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

Do you have any upcoming projects or conventions we can see you in or at?

Currently, no. I am focusing on makeup and the YouTube channel. Again, “modeling” is something I do when I get the opportunity to! I’d love to do it all the time and get my name out there more, I just don’t know how. So, advice is welcomed. Haha.

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