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Featured Artists

  • Maksim Lopez

    I've always been in love with the illustration and the work of the letters, unable to pass me neither one nor...

    Featured ArtistsHouseinkJanuary 9, 2016
  • Lewis Ink

    When I was 14, I started to develop my own style based on geometry, and never stopped since then. At the...

    Featured ArtistsHouseinkJanuary 5, 2016
  • Jeff Gogue

    Influenced by the Renaissance, we see a fusion of Contemporary Japanese and Art Nouveau - defining his style and techniques as...

    Featured ArtistsHouseinkDecember 19, 2015
  • Jessica Vann & Forbidden School of Body Art

    Located in NE Portland just off Stark and 82nd is the three story School of Forbidden Art. Jessica Vann and...

    Tattoo ArtistsHouseinkNovember 7, 2015

Tattoo Conventions

  • Tattoo Conventions
    Texas Tattoo Art Revival

    This year marked the 14th Anniversary of the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival, created by Marcy Molkenthen. ...

    HouseinkFebruary 9, 2016
  • Tattoo Conventions
    Calgary Tattoo Show & Arts Festival

    October 16-18th, 2015, marked the 12th Annual Calgary Tattoo & Art Show at the BMO Center (Stampede Park) in Calgary, Alberta,...

    HouseinkOctober 26, 2015
  • Tattoo Conventions
    Star of Texas Art Revival

    13th Annual Tattoo Convention in Austin Texas. With over 200 artists- hosting and performances by Lizardman Sideshow & Suzy Homewrecker....

    HouseinkJune 18, 2015

Tattoo Models

  • Tattoo Models
    Leila Rose

    An image that inspires me is Girl with a Balloon by Bansky with the words “there is always hope”. I’d love...

    HouseinkDecember 21, 2015
  • Tattoo Models
    Bailey Sarian in Sun City

    When Bailey Sarian is not in front of the camera you can find her on her you tube channel inspiring people...

    HouseinkDecember 5, 2015
  • Featured Artists
    Betty Bombshell

    Betty Bombshell was given to me about 5 years ago when I was doing a lot of burlesque. I was a...

    HouseinkJuly 12, 2015

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